Dating and Romance


Eco tourism in Norway

24.03.2011 | Norway’s fjords are long and narrow inlets carved throughout its western valleys. The gorgeous scenery alongside the thousands of fjords in Norway include untouched nature, green hillsides, mountains, glaciers, waterfalls, rivers, extensive wildlife and lakes. As perfect as the fjords are for quiet kayaking or relaxing boat tours they are equally as perfect for some of the greatest adventure tours in Scandinavia.

Contact Making Seminar “East West Included” is for YOU!

20.04.2011 | Do you want to create a new partnership with organisations from the Youth in Action Programme Countries (i.e., EU, Norway, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Turkey, Croatia, Switzerland) and Eastern Europe and Caucasus (i.e., Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine)? If the answers are YES, then the Contact Making Seminar "East West Included" is for YOU!

Oil spills

28.03.2011 | Oil spills happen when people make mistakes or are careless and cause an oil tanker to leak oil into the ocean. There are a few more ways an oil spill can occur. Equipment breaking down may cause an oil spill. If the equipment breaks down, the tanker may get stuck on shallow land. When they start to drive the tanker again, they can put a hole in the tanker causing it to leak oil.

How to Use a Geiger Counter

31.03.2011 | The Geiger counter's sensor is a central metal wire anode surrounded by a thin metal cathode tube filled with neon, argon and a halogen gas that detects radiation by how much the gas inside the tube is ionized

RNB – New Russian Youth Network in the Northern Europe and the Baltic

16.04.2011 | In Riga, at the end of November 2010, there was a significant event for the entire Russian-speaking youth of Nordic and Baltic countries and that was RusNord 2010 conference, which resulted in the unification of 25 youth organizations and the creation of an international alliance of youth organizations: RusNordBalt (RNB).

Dating and Romance

No doubt that every person needs friends, who can share his/her interests and ideas. And also it is important to love and to be loved. Unfortunately  we do not have such people near us and it makes us feel lonely and miserable. To find friends and especially your half is not an easy task. Everyone has his own ways to manage it: someone finds friends getting aquainted at streers, someone searches for people with the same interest in clubls and hobby courses (you can look the list of them in “Education” part ), someome goes to special clubs at churches or to Youth houses, someone is looking for friends on the Internet.

Here is the list of some Internert resources:

Also you can look through different forums, very often you can meet there “cries from the heart” about friendship and love.

The most important thing is you should not be obsessed with your loneliness, be active and then your fortune smiles to you and you will find true friends and even maybe true love.