Eco tourism in Norway

24.03.2011 | Norway’s fjords are long and narrow inlets carved throughout its western valleys. The gorgeous scenery alongside the thousands of fjords in Norway include untouched nature, green hillsides, mountains, glaciers, waterfalls, rivers, extensive wildlife and lakes. As perfect as the fjords are for quiet kayaking or relaxing boat tours they are equally as perfect for some of the greatest adventure tours in Scandinavia.

Contact Making Seminar “East West Included” is for YOU!

20.04.2011 | Do you want to create a new partnership with organisations from the Youth in Action Programme Countries (i.e., EU, Norway, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Turkey, Croatia, Switzerland) and Eastern Europe and Caucasus (i.e., Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine)? If the answers are YES, then the Contact Making Seminar "East West Included" is for YOU!

Oil spills

28.03.2011 | Oil spills happen when people make mistakes or are careless and cause an oil tanker to leak oil into the ocean. There are a few more ways an oil spill can occur. Equipment breaking down may cause an oil spill. If the equipment breaks down, the tanker may get stuck on shallow land. When they start to drive the tanker again, they can put a hole in the tanker causing it to leak oil.

How to Use a Geiger Counter

31.03.2011 | The Geiger counter's sensor is a central metal wire anode surrounded by a thin metal cathode tube filled with neon, argon and a halogen gas that detects radiation by how much the gas inside the tube is ionized

RNB – New Russian Youth Network in the Northern Europe and the Baltic

16.04.2011 | In Riga, at the end of November 2010, there was a significant event for the entire Russian-speaking youth of Nordic and Baltic countries and that was RusNord 2010 conference, which resulted in the unification of 25 youth organizations and the creation of an international alliance of youth organizations: RusNordBalt (RNB).

Our organization offers an unique opportunity to organizations, groups, individuals etc, to stay in Helsinki, Finland.


Dear Friends,

 Our organization offers an unique opportunity to organizations, groups, individuals etc, to stay in Helsinki, Finland.


1)    You could stay yourself in Youth Conference Center (we could accommodate any age groups) situated on Baltic Sea in Laajasalo with own private beach and near the bigger public beach.

2)    You could organize here a conference, youth and children camps, meeting, seminar, training etc. for the group up to 45 people in total!

 We offer accommodation and conference facilities during three periods:

1)     From 22.08 (22 August) to 26.08 (26 August) 2011.  Four (4) nights or four and half (4,5) days.

2)     From 19.09 (19 September) – 24.09. (24 September) 2011. Five (5) nights or five and half (5,5) days.

3)     From 26.09. (26 September) to 01.10. (01 October) 2011. Five (5) nights or five and half (5,5) days.

 We invite you to relax on the beach in a beautiful place surrounded by parks in Helsinki, Hostel. You will fill yourself like in countryside, but in 15 minutes from the centre city.

 Accommodation in 3 beds rooms.
We offers 2 saunas, recreation room with fireplace, a movie theatre, digital television, two mini kitchens, refrigerator (public areas), shared toilets and showers (enough in two wings even if everyone wake up in same time), barbecue place, private beach, public beach near by, green park, walking roads and rods for biking. Centre surrounded by nature!

The city center of Helsinki and shopping just 15 minutes away by public transportation or car!

Bus stop – just 1 minute away by walk. Nearest metro station, Hertoniemi, – a 5-minute bus ride. Itäkeskus (the largest shopping center in Helsinki) – 15 minutes away by public transport or car.

FREE Internet access (WiFi) in public areas, FREE 2 Saunas fitting up to 60 people, FREE Grill (+ wood), FREE PARKING, FREE KITCHENS!

Open inner and outer yards for holding air activities. Two separate buildings (Wings) recreation wing (rooms) and Conference Wing (conference rooms, saunas, fireplace) + huge roofed terrace (deck) surrounds all conference centre there is possible to have activities it is rainy days.

 Conference facilities subject to extra charge. It is includes: 

  1. Conference rooms: The biggest one – capacity up to 70 people; 2 medium rooms  – capacity up to 20 people each; in recreation wing 2 more small rooms – capacity up to 12 people each.
  2. 1 Computer.
  3. Flip chart and paper.
  4. Pens, markers, white paper A4 format.
  5. WiFi Internet connection.

– If you need anything else (laptops, coffee pauses, folders, microphones, etc) just let us know minimum 2 days prior. If we need to purchase anything you should make bank transfer 4 bank (working) days before the day you would need something.

 1 day of using conference facilities – 100 euro.

Prices (note: each room has 3 beds and the water tap and sink, wardrobe):

1) 1 night – 15 euro per person / place in a 3 bed room.

2) 1 night – the whole room – 45 Euro.

3) 4 nights – 150 euro – for the entire room.

 4) 5 nights – 185 euro – for the entire room.

5) 4 nights – 52 euro – for a place in the room.

6) 5 nights – 65 euro – for a place in the room.

 7) 2 nights – 80 euros – for the entire room.

8) 2 nights – 30 euros – for a place in the room.


Meals: Three meals a day  (home made), extra 30 euro per day (breakfast, lunch and dinner).

Towels, bed linens, blanket and pillow covers are extra.

1)    Towels – 3 euro extra for the entire period of staying. For changing towels 2 euro for each time.

2)    Bed linens, covers etc – 3 euro extra for the entire period of staying. For changing  – 2 euro for each time.

3)     Hurry up while there are still empty places and rooms!

YOU couldn’t find anywhere cheaper and better then we offer YOU!

An ideal place for travellers with car!

 More Information and Booking by phones: +358 44 567 6656; 358 504 308 115 (from 11:00 to 24:00).
or E-mail:;

 Advanced payment for booking required!!!

 If you have project and looking for partners and place (within the dates what we have), we could help you implement you project and discuss details and prices. We are open for any offers and ideas!

 With best regards,

Alex Ahlman

 Youth On-Line ry

 P.S. We could support you or your group with Finnish (European) invitation in case of full advance payment (except African countries; Syria, Iran, Iraq).

WE OFFER! Accommodation in Helsinki, Finland; Partnership; Conference Centre (rooms) and of August and end of September 2011.

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